Honoring Our Mourning Efforts: Holiday Social

Honoring Our Mourning Efforts: Holiday Social


Event Location:

Shorty Howell Park Activity Center

2750 Pleasant Hill Road

Duluth, Georgia 30096

During H.O.M.E. Holiday social:

Denesha will speak on resilience and coping with grief.

Attendees will honor their love ones in a special affirmation ceremony.

Also, there will independent and interactive activities to highlight the strength, courage, and wisdom we each possess no matter where you are in your journey of adjusting and healing.

Food will be served.

Gifts and door prizes.

Denesha’s Book & Merchandise will be available for purchase day of event. Feel free to pre-order your copy online.

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To be bereaved and grieving is HARDWORK! It’s time we honor our mourning efforts and all the work we put into adjusting to our new normals. The point is not to have it all figured out but to be among those who too are fighting the good fight of coping with loss.

We’ll come together as a tribe to celebrate each other for the courage to look grief in the face, while having the resilience to manage it, as best we can with each passing second, hour, day, week and month.

Join me for this encouraging exchange of support that will no doubt propel you through the remainder of the holiday season and set you up for the new year. You will walk away feeling better equipped and confident that you have grief- but grief does not have you!